Get Your Very Own Star on Magical Classic’s “Walk of Fame”


For the first time ever, The Magical Classic is creating a “Star Walk of Fame” where gymnasts can have their very own star, just like in Hollywood! The “Star Walk of Fame” will be featured on the way to the venue and each gymnast will get there very own vinyl commemorative Star to take home as well.  Parents, don’t let your gymnast feel left out, get them a Star on the Magical Classic “Walk of Fame” TODAY!

Deadline to pre-order stars is February 8th, 2019.

Please put the gymnasts name, gym club and city and state in the notes section!

**Please do not pull up the stars on the ground, you will get a 2nd star which can be picked up at the Theme Park Ticket Booth during the competition for you to take home and enjoy.  Stars are 18″x18″

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