Get Your Very Own Star on Magical Classic’s “Wall of Fame”


This year Magical Classic is super excited because we are creating a “Star Wall of Fame“! Gymnasts can have their very own star on a step and repeat wall, just like in Hollywood! The “Star Wall of Fame” will be featured on the way to the venue and each gymnast will get their very own commemorative Star to take home as well.  Parents, don’t let your gymnast feel left out, get them a Star on the Magical Classic “Wall of Fame” TODAY!

Deadline to pre-order stars is January 31st, 2023.  UPDATE!! We have extended the time frame to order stars.   We have a limited number of spots left, which is noted below.  When they are sold out, that will be it.  We only have so much space available.

Please make sure you put the gymnasts name or gym club name and city and state exactly as you want it at checkout!  (Gymnasts do not need to put their gym club name, this is just for Clubs that want to get starts for their whole team!)

Your commemorative star can can be picked up at the Theme Park Ticket Booth during the competition (All day Saturday and Sunday) for you to take home and enjoy.  Please note that if you do not pickup your star during the competition, you will be responsible for having it shipped to you. 

**Stars designs change every year so stars will look different that pictures of years past.  This year’s star design is the one that say 2023 in the images.

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